jamest34 asked:

Hi! I absolutely love what you guys have done with the AWOL and this site about it is fantastic. I was wondering what your thoughts on the new 2015 Divergent bike were? Do you feel it could be as competent of a touring bike as the AWOL? I'm interested in both, having a hard time deciding! PS I loved the Transcontinental edition, I hope something along those lines come back soon. Best, James



Thanks, appreciate Your stoke!

The new Diverge is like AWOL’s faster and lighter sibling and has a different character than AWOL. Diverge has a endurance racing geometry and built more with speed in mind than utility, though, it still has some of that. The Diverge can ride most roads and is a more “sporty” experience in general, not meant to be a pure touring bike. You wanna do a weekender or some ultra light and fast touring, sure, but if You’re looking at hauling some serious distances with weight and a slower pace, the AWOL is your bike. With the more relaxed geometry (e.g longer wheelbase, more upright position) and bigger tire clearance, the AWOL is better suited for off-road riding. It’s also a material matter. A Diverge in carbon fiber or aluminum or the AWOL in steel. The Diverge is a competent light speed touring machine, the AWOL is more about the journey than the finish line. Diverge’s will see stores this autumn, go ride both and find out yourself