Riding up the coast of California from Santa Cruz, Deux North’s 8 riders test a new bike built for every kind of road. After 2 days and 200 miles, the group meets the story’s narrator, El Chapulin (The Grasshopper) to listen to his story, tell their own, and compete in an event that he created over 15 years ago. On the final day. the 100-mile Grasshopper Adventure Series race serves as the finish line for Deux North’s Hunt 4. #SeekandDiverge

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From rapha - Rapha officially launched in 2004 with an exhibition called Kings of Pain, celebrating riders who have defined the values and ethos of the sport. It was a statement of intent, declaring what we were — a brand in love with the heroics, suffering and drama of road cycling. See our Original Kings of Pain → http://bit.ly/theoriginalkop About the #kingsofpain → bit.ly/kingsofpain #tenyearsofrapha http://ift.tt/1mkPpfe
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